BeeBoard. Hexagonal MIDI Keyboard

A musical MIDI keyboard with  buttons structured like bee cells.

Musical keyboard MIDI interface with buttons, hexagonal structured like bee cells.  At this keyboard sound combinations are easy to imagine as geometric shapes, projected on the cell structure, opening new ways of systemizing music and offering unique opportunities to create micro-tonal music.

It is possible to change the background image for different layouts and note systems.

Underneath the keyboard buttons, there are sticks with springs, the ends of sticks are in contrasting colours. In a closed box there is placed a camera, turned upwards and connected with a computer. In the camera every lover end of bottom stick looks like a dot of light. When pressing a button, the dot moves from its place, and the video signal is processed by a program that can detect dots of light and take note, which ones have moved. By measuring, the offset of the dot pressure ratio is observed, and that allows to play notes in different volume. Further on, the program generates MIDI  signal and  using sound synthesis program on computer.

Created by Dzintars Briedis (idea, hardware),  Roberts Kadiķis (programming)

Any  Questions please write> beeboardmidi@gmail.com