Xenharmonic Wiki  ///  Open resource for information about musical tuning

Xenharmonic Alliance  (Facebook group)  ///  Group, open for any friendly discussion of xenharmonic (microtonal) music

Huygens-Fokker Foundation   ///  Centre for microtonal music in Amsterdam

Untwelve  ///   A organization which celebrates and supports pitch exploration beyond 12 equal.  /// The Manual for The 3rd Millennium Musician by Bo Constantinsen

Why You Hear What You Hear  /// Groundbreaking book on acoustics, psychoacoustics, musical systems and musical instruments.  

List of Microtonal Software Plugins  /// Software plugins that can be used in a DAW for creating microtonal music.

XEN Radio   /// Microtonal and xenharmonic music of all styles and genres from around the world

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microtonal musicians:


Brendan Byrnes

Harry Partch

Dolores Catherino